The law of Attraction

There are a lot of books, audio and print, that address this subject. Pretty sure I’ve read/listened to most of them. In all the acquired retelling of this law, and in no matter what words end up being used, the message never varies.

Think only of what you desire to bring into your life, and focus those thoughts.

One of the greatest pieces of knowledge to accompany every retelling is that of individual power. The power to direct our lives by such thinking. The power to determine our environment pursuant to those thoughts.

The realization that as individuals we shape our own surroundings, first by our thoughts, then by deed is a call to action. This law must be tried to be understood. It must be truly realized. Only then can you know with surety the timeless truth of it.

Most I know who have read the books or hear the words agree profusely with what they hear. Then they go on about their daily lives coming no closer to the truth of it than they were before. The challenge is not in the knowing but in the doing.

How often do we see this to be true? In my own life, I know it to be true in so many things that I’ve lost count. So many things left unfinished. It pains me to think of all that I could have accomplished and didn’t. Fact is, the hard part is in the doing. “If it were easy everyone would be doing it.”. How often have you heard that? At first thought of a new task or project, it is exciting, I’m raring to go! Nothing can stop me. Then the difficulties start to come. Little by little the motivation disappears and I’m left with a dismal prospect of failure in front of me. The funny part is, it’s not failure until I quit…and I know that. Which makes it all the more frustrating as I look backwards.

On the plus side, there are a great many things I’m proud of in this life. In those things, I’ve been able to look back and evaluate my own thought processes. Turns out I do know that the Law of Attraction works! It is never failing!

So why do I keep reading these books? Why do I keep listening to audio programs that simply tell me what I already know?

Life is messy. A lot of times we may know a thing but do not keep it fresh in our thoughts, at the forefront in our thinking. We get derailed trying to see the forest through the trees only to find we are lost again. It is at these times that I don’t find myself reviewing the material, but I’ve found that I stopped. Turns out building a life that is desired over one constructed by default takes constant vigilance in how we are directing ourselves. To that end, I now read one version or another of the Law of Attraction on a constant basis, in addition to whatever else I may be reading at the time.

I hope you may do the same and find it useful. If you’re one of the rare individuals that has internalized this law and no longer has need of reminders then count yourself lucky. I strive to join you. For those of us that need the reminders still, I have listed a few of my favorites from Amazon at the bottom.

Tim R.

As A Man Thinketh
Lead The Field
The Secret

Update: 24 Feb 2018

I ran across a blog who’s author exemplifies this law in her actions.I hope you enjoy it as I do.


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