There was a time I would burn through books so fast as to be able to say I’d read them and not remember a thing about them. They were fleeting pictures running through my mind, and like a dream, easily forgotten when attention became focused elsewhere. On occasion I still find myself reading stories in this fashion, though the intent has now changed.

Books are now read slowly, with time to digest not just the letters and words, but their meaning. To reflect and learn. Due to this change, I find my tastes have been added to. While I still enjoy the mindless fiction I once did, philosophy, literature, and poetry have worked themselves into greater prominence.

Forty years have come and gone before me and in that time I’ve seen a great growth in technology, in particular regarding information transmission. Reading and writing are becoming lost arts, or so it would seem. The stories that make up our various cultures are becoming crass screenplays cutting out the vital organs of the piece to save screentime and money, leaving an empty shell where once there was life.

It is my endeavor to bring some of this back to life. There is another blog I run, Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, that brings fairy tales, mythology, some literature, and folklore to life for a younger audience. This will be its sister blog bringing slightly more adult-oriented literature to life. Some fiction, some non, some read to you and available for your listening, some reviews. It is my hope that you may find value here.

Tim R.